Fusion Flow Classes

Due to social distancing because of the covid-19 pandemic, I am offering affordable Fusion Flow classes you can stream on my Amy G Fitness online store.

I teach a fun and welcoming Flow class with elements of strength, stretch, and balance creating mindful movement. My style is first and foremost about safe alignment, joint strength, and creating muscle balance within the body, along with a mix of playfulness and joy.

Each class flows through a series of exercises that include strengthening isometric holds, stretching poses, and Pilates-inspired movements. This creates an unique class that focuses on strengthening the connective tissue and muscles around joints, lengthening tight muscles, increasing bone density, improving posture, working on balance, and focusing on activating all the muscles of the core.

The amazing aspect of Fusion Flow is the feeling you have after the workout. I guarantee you will feel relaxed, inspired, and rejuvenated. We, gently but effectively, strengthen all our muscles as we stretch our fascia (connective tissue that is often tight and causes discomfort). We focus on our breath and body creating mindfulness that has been scientifically proven to reduce stress.  

Everyone is welcome! Because of my experience and my focus on creating functionally strong bodies, modifications will be provided for all levels for the unique needs of each student.

I have a 15-min beginner Flow class to sample:

In Person classes on cancelled at this time:

Drop In Classes

Mondays 8am-9am Fusion Flow @ Walnut Grove Community Centre

Fridays 8am-9am Fusion Flow @ Walnut Grove Community Centre

Registered Classes

I am honoured to teach fitness classes for Langley’s prenatal mamas. Pregnant women benefit greatly from participating in group classes. Being with follow mama’s creates community. My Prenatal Fusion Flow class is an unique blend of poses to lengthen and strengthen your total body while flowing from one controlled movement to the next creating mindfulness and awareness (proprioception) in the body. Gently working through exercises that help prepare for labour and delivery, all the while trying to focus on the body and breath to mentally prepare for what is ahead. Fusing balancing, bodyweight, Pilates-inspired, stretching, and, flow-style movements into one class with an emphasis on alignment and breath will leave you feeling refreshed, inspired, and relaxed. Please visit http://eparmedx.com for clearance to exercise, print out a copy, and bring to your first class. Please call the community centre or sign up online @ Township of Langley’s website