Barre Classes

Due to social distancing because of the covid-19 pandemic, I am offering affordable Barre classes you can stream on my Amy G Fitness online store.

I call my Barre classes “Functional Barre” because I have designed the classes with a focus on improving balance, endurance, flexibility, stability, and strength. My style of barre creates healthy and strong highly functional bodies. Having functional bodies helps us move better in our daily lives, performing our day to day tasks with more ease. Barre combines attributes of Pilates, dance, flow, and functional strength exercises which incorporate large range of motion movements and small isolated movements that elevates heart rate, challenges both upper and lower body, and makes every minute count. In class we often utilize bands, fit-balls, gliders, light dumbbells, Pilates circles and other props for a total body workout.

All levels welcome! I provide varying levels of every exercise presented to make the classes accessible for every body.

All my in-person classes are cancelled until the pandemic has been controlled.

Registered: Barre Tuesdays 10:30am @ Riverside Room Fort Langley

Registered: Barre Plus Saturdays 11am @ Riverside Room Fort Langley

To register for Barre Pilates classes on the Township of Langley’s website click here

Sculpt Fusion Classes

Blending elements of barre technique, functional strength training, and Pilates-inspired exercises for a long, lean, and strong body. This class puts less stress on the joints yet is challenging for every muscle in your body, especially hard-to-target zones and powerhouse muscles (the muscles that make up the core). Utilizing dumbbells, bands, gliders, body bars, and mini balls, this class is for all levels as I provide a layering of options for each and every exercise we perform so my classes are always accessible for every participant. Low impact cardio bursts challenge your heart and lungs and burns calories; higher impact options are offered. 

Intensity: moderate to high

Drop in: Sculpt Fusion Fridays 9:15am @ Walnut Grove Community Centre 

Drop in: Body Sculpt Saturdays 9am @ Aldergrove Community Centre .

20min Barre Sampler below: