Pilates Classes

Due to social distancing because of the covid-19 pandemic, I am offering affordable Pilates classes you can stream on my Amy G Fitness online store.


My Pilates classes include a combination of classical Pilates exercises with modern twists, coming from my functional movement training background. My classes will stretch and strengthen your total body, especially your powerhouse muscles that make up your core, while flowing from one controlled movement to the next creating mindfulness and awareness in the body with an emphasis on alignment and breath that will leave you feeling refreshed, inspired, and relaxed. Modifications and challenges will be given for each exercise so all levels are welcome.

I have a 15-min beginner Pilates class to sample:

In Person classes on cancelled at this time:

Wednesday’s 10:30am Drop In Pilates Class @ WC Blair Community Centre

Wednesday’s 12pm Registered Pilates Fusion Class @ Riverside Community Room (9277 Glover Road, Fort Langley) To register online click here